9TOKEN is a cooperative development project between ECOTEK, Blockchain Center Dubai, open ecosystem Ecoworld, and Payasian.io Exchange.

9TOKEN is operated on ERC20 platform and will be developed into 9 types of Token on NEECHAIN platform (from June 2020).

With the ecosystem blockchain- NEECHAIN, 9Token will release the first 9 types of transactional asset encryptions in the future, and build up the first crypto asset exchange in the world: 9Token.net (2021).

9TOKEN is operated on the ecosystem platform of ECOTOUCH, ECOGO, NEECHAIN and on the extended ecosystem of global ECOSHARE (2020 – 2022).

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9Token is developed with the aim to become the intermediate token for the development of crypto assets (gold, stocks & bonds, digital money, currencies, real estates, etc.) to be exchanged on global Exchanges in the future.



With the 9CHAIN platform, corporations, organizations, businesses or individuals are now able to create encrypted tokens on Blockchain platform in order to exchange, manage, operate them more simply and effectively..


On the platform of NEECHAIN - the first ecosystem Blockchain in the world, launched in Korea on 29 June, 2020, with the participation of more than 1000 large partner corporations such as: Google, Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Facebook, Ethereum, Binance, etc. 9Token is used as the main TOKEN on NEECHAIN to develop the global Blockchain ecosystem.


Our retail ecosystem of Mr. ECO is already under operation in several Asian countries. 9Token is going to be used for shopping, accumulate points at any Mr. ECO Mart retails and hundreds of thousands of Agent Share retailers on ECOGO.


The rewarding system for the community which contributes to the development of crypto assets will help extend 9TK user community, and contributes to lock 9TK, constrain 9TK to circulate outside the market, helps to increase 9TK value over the time.


  • 9Token is released on its own Blockchain platform: 9CHAIN

  • Number of 9token: 999.999.999 (9TK)

  • Selling IEO directly on Payasian.io Exchange

  • Sell IEO 21/01/2020 - 31/3/2020
    -Maximum release total 20%
    -Price from $0.047-$0.099

  • CRYPTO ASSET FUND Estimated start from 25/07/2020
    Community rewarding fund for contributing to the development of crypto assets
    -Maximum total 80%, estimated time: 2 years (2020 - 2022)
    -For community who shares and contributes on 9Token.io
    -Estimated price from $0.199, growing to $10



  • Listed on Payasian.io Exchange and other strategic Exchanges from 2020- 2022

  • 9Token is used to communicate within the global Ecoworld ecosystem

  • Crypto asset exchange: real estate, gold, stocks, bonds, etc. 9token.net

  • Intermediary platform for releasing ensured crypto assets via 9Token – NEECHAIN

  • Promote sharing for global investor community : 9Token.io




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